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Fixing the Internet for Real-Time Applications: Part III

Over my last two posts, I’ve talked about the challenges facing real-time applications like League that arise from the internet’s architecture, and how Riot is tackling some of those challenges by creating our own network. In this post, I’d like to look forward - what’s next, and how can we collectively get there? This topic has inspired a lot of reflection on my own experience building networks, and has galvanized my perspective that things are changing for the better.

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Riot Direct: Video

Back in 2014, the Riot Direct team started a journey to provide a better League of Legends experience through network improvements. We started to look at the internet not as an inexhaustible resource, but as a limited system that had to be managed and scaled correctly.

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Building With Jenkins Inside an Ephemeral Docker Container

In this tutorial, you’ll learn:

  • Various approaches to running builds with Jenkins inside of Containers

  • Which decisions we made as a team and why

  • Lessons we learned while operating our platform

  • Context for the in depth tutorial about how to create your own ephemeral build environments using Jenkins

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Fixing the Internet for Real Time Applications: Part I

League of Legends is not a game of seconds, but of milliseconds. In day-to-day life, two seconds fly by unnoticed—you took two seconds reading that! In-game, however, a two-second stun can feel like an absolute eternity. In any single match of LoL, thousands of decisions made in milliseconds dictate which team scores bragging rights and which settles for “honorable opponent” points.

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Putting Jenkins in a Docker Container

In this first tutorial in the Docker series, you’ll learn:

  • What we’re trying to accomplish at Riot

  • Basic setup for Docker

  • Basic Docker Pull Commands

  • How to run Docker Containers as Daemons

  • Basic Jenkins configuration options

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