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Thinking Inside the Container: DockerCon Talk and the Story So Far

Over the past several months I’ve published six articles that discuss using Docker and Jenkins to containerize a build farm. Recently, I went on the road to tell the story at DockerCon 2016 and gathered a tremendous amount of amazing feedback. In fact, the best part of this whole experience has been the conversations we’re having with folks encountering similar challenges. In this short post, I’d like to accomplish two things: share the video of my DockerCon talk, and respond to requests we’ve received to consolidate my articles into a single place.

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Riot Direct: Video

Back in 2014, the Riot Direct team started a journey to provide a better League of Legends experience through network improvements. We started to look at the internet not as an inexhaustible resource, but as a limited system that had to be managed and scaled correctly.

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Moving Mountains of Data to AWS

Hi, I’m Sean Maloney, and I’m part of Insights Tech. We’re within the Insights group, which helps teams at Riot make better decisions in serving players. At Riot, we’re data-informed rather than data-driven—we always incorporate data in our decision-making process, but never allow data to dictate decisions. Insights Tech provides all Riot teams with a data platform to capture, store, and serve up all the player data that they need.

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How We re:Invented Our AWS Model

Hey, everyone! Marty and Jonathan here from Riot's Infrastructure Security and Service Availability engineering teams. We support all of Riot’s servers, and obsess over their uptime, security, and maintainability. Last November, we spoke at Amazon's re:Invent conference about our work leveraging AWS to support the many teams that contribute to the League ecosystem. AWS hosts many League sites, including and our merch store, and must fulfill requests from millions of players daily.

Full Story Posted by Marty Chong & Jonathan McCaffrey