How We re:Invented Our AWS Model

Hey, everyone! Marty and Jonathan here from Riot's Infrastructure Security and Service Availability engineering teams. We support all of Riot’s servers, and obsess over their uptime, security, and maintainability. Last November, we spoke at Amazon's re:Invent conference about our work leveraging AWS to support the many teams that contribute to the League ecosystem. AWS hosts many League sites, including and our merch store, and must fulfill requests from millions of players daily. In our talk, we discuss how our practices managing AWS environments have evolved over the past few years and share lessons learned.

Some key topics include:

  • Single-Sign On integration with IAM roles
  • High-level AWS architecture (and how to make it easy on your organization)
  • VPC design, centralization, and simplification
  • DevOps tooling and automation
  • Auto Scaling motivation and methodology

With 2015’s re:Invent around the corner, we’re posting our presentation to generate conversations around using the awesome tool that is AWS.  We hope anyone working to scale products that use the features listed above will find it interesting.



Looking forward to this year’s conference, we’re excited that Riot has two speaking opportunities:

Riot will also be hosting a happy-hour on Wednesday evening from 6 to 10pm, in the Palazzo Parlor on the third floor of the Palazzo Tower. We’d be thrilled if you stopped by for a drink and some conversation with engineers. Or, come for a board game when you get sick of losing at blackjack.

We’re looking forward to this year’s re:Invent! Catch you there!

Posted by Marty Chong & Jonathan McCaffrey