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Chat Service Architecture: Servers

League of Legends players collectively send millions of messages every day. They're asking friends to duo-queue, suggesting a team comp on the champ select screen, and thanking opponents for a good game. On July 21st of this year (I picked a day at random), players forged 1.7 million new friendships in the game—that’s a lot of love! And each time players send a message they trigger a number of operations on the back-end technology that powers Riot chat.

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Behind League's New Missile System

Greetings, skill-shot savvy summoners, Brian "Penrif" Bossé here to talk to you about some new technical underpinnings behind missiles. We've been rolling out a new implementation of missiles in the past few months (as mentioned in recent patch notes). If we did our jobs right, you didn't notice the change while playing.

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Chat Service Architecture: Protocol

Some games of League of Legends I know I’ll love even before the loading screen appears. Take last night, for instance. I logged in to find a couple of fellow Rioters available to play, and while we queued together in a pre-game lobby we had a great discussion that led to smart role choices and an intentional team composition. That connection and strategic communication doesn’t guarantee victory — we lost — but win or lose that’s my favorite way to start.

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